Four Reasons Senior Citizens Visit Urgent Care


It’s important to protect the elderly people in your life. Unfortunately, there are many situations that may require an elderly person to seek medical care. In many cases, visiting an urgent care clinic is the perfect option for treating the elderly. Urgent care facilities employ medical staff using equipment to diagnose and treat a wide range of ailments. In this post, you will learn four common reasons the elderly seek urgent care treatment.

    1. Injuries Related to Falling

      Unfortunately, many senior citizens are hurt from falls each year. As you age, the risk of developing certain conditions increases. Many senior citizens experience what is known as vertigo which produces a very dizzy feeling. One study finds 65% of people over the age of 60 experience daily bouts of dizziness.


    1. Side Effects from Medication

      Senior citizens often need to take a lot of daily medication. It’s imperative that someone close to a senior citizen ensures all medicine is properly dosed. There are several situations where side effects from medication can happen. If a senior citizen is trying a new medication, unexpected side effects may take place. It’s imperative to seek out an urgent care clinic if you suspect a senior you know is experiencing side effects from medication.


    1. Body Pains

      One study finds that 69% of people in America feel back pain affects their lives each day. Some senior citizens experience pain that is manageable and occurs in small amounts. In some cases, the pain can increase in intensity and become too much to live with. An urgent care clinic will have staff available working to find the root of what is causing pain to occur. Urgent care physicians have helped many patients live their lives free from pain.


  1. Respiratory Infections

    Many people will experience respiratory infections each year. These infections can range in terms of severity. For many senior citizens, a respiratory infection is extremely serious. Many seniors seek treatment at an urgent care clinic for these infections. Failing to treat respiratory conditions can result in developing a case of pneumonia.

In summary, there are several ailments causing senior citizens to require medical treatment. Falls affect a large number of senior citizens across the world. Seniors are known for taking large amounts of medication throughout the day. Unfortunately, one small medication dosing mistake can have a senior experiencing a wide range of side effects. Intense pain is something that needs to be treated by an urgent care clinic, especially when it is happening to the elderly. Respiratory infections can be something younger people can deal with fairly well. However, respiratory issues that happen to senior citizens may lead to more dangerous ailments developing. Urgent care centers treat nearly 3 million patients every week.

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