What to Do When Your Child Has a Cold and the Doctors Closed

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Every parent knows the familiar dread of getting a call from the school nurse. After all, most American child get the cold at least six times a year. Six bouts of runny noses and coughing fits.
And of course, the familiar struggle: do you bring them to the doctor or not? Most colds go away with time and rest, if the symptoms start to get too bad, you can always treat them with over the counter medicine.
If you work a nine-five job, it can be even more difficult to find the time to bring your child to the pediatric care specialists. Less than a third of all primary care doctors have after-hours care available.

Distract Them

Have you ever been sick, and had to attend a party? You think it will be a miserable experience, but instead you are so engrossed in the good time that you all but forget you?re ill? The same principle works for your child. Avoid strenuous or taxing diversions, games like tag or hide and seek. But a favorite television show — or better still, a nice book or some deep cleaning! — are excellent ways to get your child’s mind off of being sick. Plus, it’s always a great idea to do some post-sickness cleaning around the house!

Health Foods

There are a number of foods which have positive effects on the body. Lemon juice, for instance, is a great way to help correct your bodies pH balance which a cold can through out of balance. Combined with the natural cold-fighting powers of turmeric tea, you can have your little one feeling better in no time. Of course, if you have a picky eater peppermint can also be a helpful tool in soothing some of your child?s symptoms.

Urgent Care

If you think your child might be ill with something more serious than a cold, then urgent care centers are one of the best options for the busy parent. These popular centers are open late into the evening for those ailments are mild enough not to warrant a trip to the emergency room: strep throat, moderate fever, ear ache. Although not all of them are guaranteed to have pediatric care specialists on hand, urgent care facilities are equipped to handle almost any minor illness.

A sick child can be a real challenge, but the most important thing to remember is that they are suffering a lot more than you are. Listen to them when they tell you their not feeling well, and then do your best to make them smile!

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