Nearly Half Of All Americans Don’t Get The Recommended Amount Of Sleep What You Should Know

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Do you work a sedentary job? How about taking care of multiple kids? Whatever your personal lifestyle may be, it’s more than likely you’re dealing with a little bit of neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain or a combination of the three. Chronic pain is an issue affecting tens of millions of Americans on a daily basis, causing many to seek out resources to reduce their symptoms and improve their overall quality of life. Left unchecked chronic back, shoulder and neck pain can affect your ability to lift heavy objects, drive your car and even sleep. If you’re aching for some resources to get you through the work week, take a look at the list below to learn how a microwaveable heat wrap or aromatherapy neck wrap can help.

How Often Do Americans Sleep?

Sleep is how your body heals itself. Your natural REM cycle is a way of allowing your brain to mull over the day’s events and sort itself out gradually and reliably, with a comfortable bed allowing your muscles to stretch out, relax and recuperate. Likewise, a lack of sleep can lower your immune system, affect concentration and encourage sore and stiff muscles. Studies conducted throughout the 1940’s saw Americans averaging eight hours of sleep per night — this has since been reduced to six and a half hours.

How Common Is Back, Shoulder And Neck Pain?

You’re not alone in your struggle. Millions of Americans are going through chronic neck and back pain, ranging from minor daily symptoms to severe pain that requires medical attention. Back, shoulder and neck pain is frequently caused by lifting heavy objects, sitting for long periods of time and routine workplace-related stress. Additional factors can include extenuating circumstances, such as getting into a car accident, as well as age.

How Common Is Workplace Stress?

Stress is a significant factor that causes stiffness, soreness and even severe, chronic pain. The National Institute For Occupation Safety And Health (shortened to NIOSH) recently reported up to 40% of American workers say their job is either ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ stressful. Two-thirds of both men and women say work has a significant impact on their stress level and one in four has either called in sick or taken a ‘mental health day’ as a result of stress.

How Common Are Sleep Disorders?

People frequently seek out an aromatherapy neck wrap in order to counteract the wear and tear of continuous stress and a lack of sleep. While seven to nine hours of sleep on a nightly basis is recommended by the majority of doctors, many Americans are still missing up to two vital hours on average. Getting more hours of sleep is positively associated with having a higher sense of well-being as well as general health. Sleep disorders include sleep apnea and insomnia, both of which can be developed over time.

What Resources Can Help Reduce My Pain And Help Me Sleep Better?

For those looking to tackle their neck and shoulder pain and get a better night’s rest, an aromatherapy neck wrap, heated back wrap or neck heat pad may help. These are designed to be comfortable and simple to use, directing heat to the source of your pain and relaxing your muscles in a matter of minutes — this can lead to long-term benefits like reduced pain, reduced stress and more consistent sleep. Essential oils, in particular, have been used for therapeutic purposes for nearly 6,000 years. Don’t go another night struggling to fall asleep and waking up at random — try using a quality neck heat pad and see how you can cultivate a healthier, better rested you.
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