Conditions You Should Consider Urgent Care For

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With an increase in urgent care centers popping up all over the country, you might have wondered what is urgent care and what types of medical conditions can you go to urgent care for? Urgent care clinics are a new model of medical care. It is more convenient and timelier than scheduling an appointment with your primary physician?s office. It is cheaper and faster than visiting the local emergency room. It is actually something in the middle of those two types of medical care. Urgent care clinics can see a variety of medical conditions, but these are a few of the most common visits to a memorial urgent care center.

Cold and flu symptoms
There is generally nothing that can be done about the common cold or the flu, expect to control the symptoms. Other than that, you have to wait until it runs its course. That is, unless the sickness is bacterial and can be treated with antibiotic medications. You can also experience additional medical symptoms as a result of a long lasting cold or flu, such as dehydration. Memorial urgent care centers provide treatment for the symptoms of the common cold or flu.

They can also evaluate the difference between a bacterial or viral infection, also providing you with medications if needed. Seven in ten (70%) of urgent care centers can also provide intravenous fluids when needed. These IV fluids are needed when the body is dehydrated, a condition common with the flu.

Bumps and scratches
Most bumps and scratches heal on their own, with minimal effort. However, some seem to get worse and may show signs of infection. You may not want to take time out of your work day to visit you primary physician for a quick evaluation of your bump or scratch. Memorial urgent care centers are the perfect solution. You can be in and out in no time, having a medical professional evaluate your bump or scratch. They can also provide you with antibacterial cream or medication to ensure that it heals properly.

Bites and stings
Bites and stings are especially common during the warmer, summer months. You and your family are spending more time outdoors and are more likely to come across a dangerous animal or insect. Stings that increase in swelling or change weird colors should always be seen by a medical professional. Bites also require medical evaluation. They may also require monitoring of the animal or a tetanus shot. Considering that bites can get much worse in a matter of minutes, memorial urgent care centers are ideal for their treatment. The majority of centers remain open until 7pm or later on weeknights (90.6%), with two out of five remaining open until 9pm or later.

Pediatric concerns
We have all been there. Our child is running a fever and their pediatrician cannot be reached. We could risk dragging them to the local emergency room where they will be forced to wait for many hours, surrounded by even sicker patients or we could take them to the local advanced urgent care center. One of the biggest advantages of urgent care is that they are relatively quick, meaning you do not have to sit around with sick individuals in a crowded waiting room.

Emergency departments tend to get so full because patients have no other options. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, just under half (48%) of all adult ER patients who were not sick enough to be admitted to the hospital sought treatment at the ER because their physician?s offices were closed. Now, these patients have the option to bring their children to the local memorial urgent care center.

The majority of people have been met with a medical concern at some time or another. You debate the risk of waiting until you can schedule an appointment or you consider spending your entire night in the local hospital emergency room. What if you had another option? Now you do. Memorial urgent care centers are a great middle ground, offering you medical care that is affordable, convenient, and extremely timely.

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