The 5 Advantages of Private Rehab

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Addiction is a serious problem around the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2012 5.9% of all deaths around the planet were caused, at least in part, to alcohol consumption. Alcohol has been said to be the third leading cause of the global burden of disease and injury. Addiction is also a major problem in Canada. Canadians were found to drink more than 50% over the global average. This is according to study conducted by the Center for addiction and mental health (CAMH). Every year, approximately 47,000 people are killed by substance abuse in Canada. It is estimated that it cost to the Canadian health system is at least $8 billion each year. If you are looking to get help for addiction, you have a number of options. You can go to a public facility or to a private one. There are many advantages to private rehab.

  1. You will get in faster. Most public facilities have a long waiting lists. If you’re looking at private drug rehab centres you probably want to start as soon as possible. One problem with the waiting list and public facilities is that wait time often prevents the the person suffering from addiction from getting treatment at all. When you’re dealing with detox and rehab, time is of the essence. What happens is people are sent away from the public facility is then they change their mind about rehab. If you are serious about getting inpatient rehab, you will have a much better chance of success at a private rehab centre. This is one of the main advantages of private rehab. Most private rehab centres can get you when almost immediately.
  2. You will be much more comfortable in the private rehab center. This is another the main advantages of private rehab. It should come as no surprise that public rehab facilities tend to have more bare-bones facilities than their private counterparts. They are often underfunded and lackthe resources that you will get a private rehab centre. The accommodations offered by private rehab clinic are infinitely more comfortable then those you will find at public institutions. Going to a private rehab centre is a much less stressful experience than going to a public one.
  3. Your therapy will be more intense. Because they have more resources, private rehab clinics are able to offer more intense therapy that is offered at public facilities. Most public facilities are just scraping by and because they tend to have more patients they have less time for each individual. The ratio of patient to provider is much lower at a private inpatient drug rehab facility. You will also have a much larger array of professionals to work with. They offer educational sessions and nutritional counseling in addition to the intense therapy and group sessions they lead. Experts un addiction recovery believe that a more intense therapy regimen offers patients a greater chance for success and another one of the advantages of private rehab.
  4. You can stay longer. Another one of the advantages of private rehab is that people are able to stay in treatment longer than they wouldn’t public institution. At public drug facilities, there is often a waitlist and pressure to get patients in and out to make room for another person. This is not true at private rehab facilities. It is possible to remain as an inpatient for as long as necessary, which also gives people are much better chance for a successful recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.
  5. You can pick the location of the private rehab facility. There are more private rehab centre see you have more options. If you want to go to a rehab centre in a particular city or part of the country you can do that. This means you can be closer to friends and family to involve them in your recovery and increase your chances for success. This is another reason this is one of the advantages to private rehab. After your stay is complete, you will have to go back to your life. Having the people, who are important to you, get involved in the recovery process as early as possible will increase your chances for success.

Whatever your choice, it is just important that you go.

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