Hair Loss Solutions The Options Available To You

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It can be extremely difficult to accept hair loss. Yes, it’s a natural part of life for many people, and is often unpreventable due to your predisposition towards baldness being a part of your genetic makeup. It’s believed that two-thirds of American men will have experienced some appreciable level of hair loss by the age of 35. It only increases as time goes on — by age 50, 85% of men will have significantly thinned hair. Ultimately, it’s estimated that about 35 million American men have experienced hair loss in some form or another. But hair loss is not just an issue that affects men; it also affects women as well. Men have a hard enough time dealing with hair loss — imagine how women, who do not grow up expecting to lose hair someday, feel. The point is that this is a problem for everyone, not just in terms of appearance but psychologically as well. Hair loss is something that can make you feel lesser as a person in general; in fact, it makes a lot of people feel as if they’ve lost their sense of self. Luckily, there are solutions to hair loss — hair clinics can do a lot to help you get your old look back. What is the right treatment for you?

The FUE Hair Transplant

A FUE hair transplant is one of the more popular and common forms of hair restoration offered by hair clinics in this day and age. FUE stands for follicular unit extraction, which references how the procedure works. Essentially, a FUE hair transplant targets a unit of hairs — that is to say, a grouping of about one to four hairs as they naturally occur on the scalp. These hairs are punch out of the scalp in a simple harvesting technique. This grouping is only about .7 to one millimeter in size, and these hairs are placed where the hair is thinning on your scalp. A relatively painless procedure, FUE typically takes about eight hours. The healing time depends on your scalp type, but is usually not overly involved. Grafts should settle in a matter of four to five days. While the FUE hair transplant cost isn’t minor, it is comparable to many other procedures of a similar nature, while producing better, more natural results. This procedure is favored by some hair clinics due to the fact that it is minimally invasive compared to its competitors.

The FUSS Procedure

The FUSS procedure — standing for follicular unit strip surgery — is comparable to FUE in some ways, but radically different in others. Certainly, it is much more invasive. Essentially, the procedure involves taking a strip of non-balding scalp from a man’s head and placing it on the balding area in a graft. If this sounds much more involved than FUE, that’s because it is. There are many issues with FUSS. It has a high complication rate, leaves patients needing a scar revision due to the scarring associated with it, limits the amount of grafts that can be harvested at a time due to its invasive nature, and requires a longer recovery period. While FUSS patients have to keep their hair a certain length or longer, FUE patients have the option in the future of shortening their hair. FUE has a shorter recovery time, with less risk of complications and minimal scarring if any. This is why so many hair clinics encourage patients to pursue FUE transplants.

Scalp Micropigmentation

Some men do not want full hair transplants, and don’t feel the need for “new” hair. They’re fine with shaving their heads to reduce the appearance of baldness, perhaps. They do want a better hairline, however. Scalp micropigmentation is a perfect solution for this problem. This procedure involves tattooing onto the scalp. It gives the appearance of a better, fuller hairline and a fuller head of hair in general. It’s a great compromise for people who don’t want hair transplants.

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