Why It’s Important to Have a Personal Doctor

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The medical industry is a tricky one. Billions of dollars are poured into hospitals and clinics every year and yet they still can’t solve everyone’s problems. That’s why it’s so important to take medical conditions into your own hands.

Well not literally your own hands — please, don’t do that. But it is your responsibility to get the medical attention you need, and not just say, “Oh, well,” because you can’t get into a hospital.

Having local doctors near you that you trust makes all the difference in the world for your medical health. Rather than going to the hospital for every medical situation you have, going to the doctor is important. Here is why you should visit local doctors sometimes and not only the ER.


Okay, yes, if it’s a serious medical emergency and you believe it to be life-threatening — call 911 or go to the emergency room! Local doctors, however, can potentially handle anything other than life-threatening situation. Many doctors make house calls or are available for extended hours, so you should be able to get in contact with them during medical emergencies. They will be able to take a look at you and provide you with any medication, information, or just recommend you go seek ER treatment.


Rather than waiting in long lines for medical attention from someone who you have never met and don’t trust, the convenience of having your own personal doctor is great. You don’t have to worry about how long a wait is going to be or if you can even receive treatment or not. If you have your own doctor, you know what to expect and you can plan out everything by making an appointment beforehand.

Personal Relationships

Far too many people don’t visit the doctor because they haven’t developed a personal relationship with one. Going to the doctor, even for adults, can still be a little scary. So it’s important to talk to a doctor that you trust and know will make you feel as comfortable as possible. By having the same doctor for years, you and your family will have a long-lasting relationship that is more than just medical. You will get to know each other and that will only further the trust and enhance the experience.

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