Botox Benefits: Weight Loss?

Young female with clean fresh skinCosmetic processes have many benefits, but one new benefit could not only change med spas, but weight loss programs, too.

Botox might actually be helping people consistently lose weight.

According to Live Science, doctors believe that Botox injections can actually block a nerve in the stomach that controls the feeling of hunger.

An experiment was done in Norway to test the new weight loss discovery. The test subjects were 20 obese individuals who had a body mass index (BMI) ranging from 35 to 44. All 20 participants received Botox injections into their stomachs and then used an endoscope camera to view inside the stomach of each person. All 20 patients received one Botox treatment at the beginning of the experiment, and then one again every six months.

After the first two treatments, 70% of the participants had lost, on average, 17% of their excess body fat. After the third injection, 75% of the patients lost 28% of their excess body fat.

This study is a relatively small sample size, but if more and more studies come out that show the same results, Botox treatments could become “another new way to treat obesity,” Duan Chen, a professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and co-author of the study, said.

“It really was a new technique,” Chen added, “using Botox to block the feedback between the stomach and the brain.”

Experienced med spas that perform Botox treatment and other cosmetic procedures are great for people who are looking for the treatment’s original purpose and not just to potentially fight weight gain.

Botox Facts

  • The average patient who receives Botox treatment is between 40 and 60 years old
  • Botox treatments typically last about four months. The amount of treatments given to patients during the Norway experiment was a little excessive, but those procedures were not designed for normal Botox treatment.
  • Of all Botox recipients, 82% of patients admit to seeing improvements within one week of their original treatment.

Receiving skin care and other medical spa services might not guarantee weight loss (yet) but as long as you are careful about what treatment you want, consult with cosmetic professionals who you trust, and don’t rush into anything, you will enjoy whatever decision you make.

Contact experienced med spas and learn about these treatments today!

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