Men Above the age of 50 Should be Avoiding Energy Drinks Here’s Why

Does low testosterone affect my concentration

Getting old is rough. In your 20s, you used to greet the day with full throttle. Now, getting out of bed seems like a feat in and of itself. If you’re an aging man, you may not have realized how lack of energy can affect your life. And while all the coffee in the world might help you get to work, when 2:30 hits, many a man your age grabs an energy drink. However, have you ever asked yourself if you heart can handle such an intense rush of caffeine? If so, you probably should.
Energy drinks offer consumers a quick fix to their lack of focus and poor sleep issues. Unfortunately, the mounting research surrounding energy drinks stack up pretty vocally against the stuff. According to a recent survey of an Australian hospital emergency department, 36% of males who came in with heart palpitations had consumed energy drinks less than 24 hours before their visit.
And for men in their 50’s who are experiencing clinically low testosterone, the risk is even greater. As men age, male testosterone levels naturally decline. This leaves men vulnerable to a litany of very serious health risks that include heart attacks and strokes. And if you happen to consume an energy drink while susceptible to these attacks? You might be putting far too much strain on your heart, resulting in palpitations or worse.
Additionally, other studies have shown that combining energy drinks with alcohol can incite even worse effets for men. Alcohol reduces the body’s ability to break down caffeine, this means that vulnerable individuals who consume energy drinks paired with alcohol might be susceptible to even graver consequences.
So what can be done? If you are seeking more energy and are a male above the age of 50, testosterone replacement therapy might be the natural solution you need. This safe treatments can help you with your poor sleep and lack of energy without having to consume any dangerous and unhealthy energy drinks. Testosterone can also help men to alleviate feelings of depression, anxiety and insomnia.
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