Refurbished Equipment May be the Right Choice for Your Veterinary Practice

Used veterinary equipment for sale

For the dental, medical and veterinary industries, using refurbished and used equipment can be a good choice to furnish a new office or to acquire quality equipment in excellent condition. With the high costs of medical and vet schools, most new practices in these fields face financial constraints to start with. Used medical equipment sales can help you acquire the medical, dental or veterinary equipment you need to get started with a new medical or veterinary office.
An experienced and reliable used medical equipment firm can provide all that is needed to keep your practice at the cutting edge, including digital imaging equipment, refurbished equipment, new equipment, custom cabinetry, office design, construction referrals and new or obsolete parts. They also offer installation services to deliver a fully functional veterinary office but at a much lower cost.

Why buy refurbished or used medical equipment?
There are many good reasons to buy used medical or veterinary equipment. You get high quality equipment at a much lower cost. It comes with extended warranties and servicing options. Using refurbished high quality equipment is also the ecofriendly choice.

  • Lower costs
    You get excellent medical, dental or veterinary equipment at a much lower cost. For practitioners just starting out or trying to stay current with the latest equipment and technologies, this can be the best choice.
  • Excellent quality
    The refurbished medical equipment is of the highest quality and has been serviced by expert technicians. Extended warranties allow you to buy with full confidence.
  • Installation and customer service
    A good used medical equipment sales company will see you through the entire process, from selection to installation to follow up and customer service.
  • It’s the ecofriendly choice
    Buying refurbished medical equipment can be the environmentally friendly choice. Not only does it save your practice money, by using refurbished equipment you are preventing the waste of perfectly functioning and expensive equipment.

Setting up a new veterinary practice
Even though most people who become vets do so because they love animals and want to help them, there are also some business consideration to keep in mind. While more and more people are treating their pets as part of the family and spending more on their medical care, just starting up a new veterinary practice can be expensive.
In 2013, Americans spent a total of 14.37 billion for veterinary care for their pets. However, vets don’t always have the business training needed to make their new practice financially successful. As many as 62% of all veterinarians don’t use financial concepts to run their business. They may ignore, or not even be aware of the need to review key metrics on a regular basis.

Choosing low cost refurbished veterinary equipment makes sense
The American Veterinary Medical Association recently released a study showing that more than 90% of veterinary school graduates begin with significant student debt. Refurbished veterinary equipment is a logical choice for setting up and furnishing a new practice. Not only do you get high quality and high performing equipment, you get the expertise that used medical equipment sales companies have built up over the years. From selection to installation and service, you will have a reliable partner.

Offering a wide selection of high quality refurbished equipment, full service and installation options, and extended warranties, used medical equipment sales companies can help your new medical or veterinary practice make a sound beginning.

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