Does Your Youngster Need a Fun Activity? Try a Preschool Gymnastics Program

Top 10 childrens gymnastic moves

There’s no question there is a big health problem with today’s kids. They eat too much and they don’t get enough exercise. According to the government?s Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, 74% of kids ages 5-10 do not get at least 60 minutes of physical activity. And about 40% of the daily calories kids ages 2-18 eat are either empty calories from sugar or come from solid fats. That’s a recipe for disaster, because those habits of not enough exercise and poor eating tend to get worse the older people get. That’s why it’s a good idea to get kids started early with healthy eating and plenty of physical activity, and one way to do that is with programs that teach preschool gymnastics skills.

Most preschool-aged children find gymnastics classes to be fun. There are a number of gymnastics skills that can be taught to young children, and it doesn’t take any special skills or certification for the teachers. For example, tumbling moves such as somersaults are easy for young children to learn and do. Tumbling classes for beginners are something just about any preschool or daycare can offer to its kids for little or no extra cost.

Preschool programs that want to have more advanced gymnastics programs for kids can hire a company to establish such a program. Many gymnastics schools will offer to set up preschool gymnastics skills programs that they will run on site at the preschool during the school day. These programs will cost parents extra, but they are likely to appreciate the opportunity because it offers the convenience of being incorporated into the preschool day and does not require them to tote their kids to another location. For parents who are looking for more advanced programs, some preschools may offer gymnastics teams for kids that compete in meets.

Another advantage of such preschool gymnastics skills programs is that they are a selling point for preschools and daycares. Many parents seek out preschool programs that offer more than just regular run-of-the-mill preschool activities. Offering gymnastics and tumbling programs could make a preschool program more desirable and also allow it to charge more for its services.

Offering preschool gymnastics skills programs is a win-win-win — a win for the business, a win for parents and, most of all, a win for the kids.

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