Top Five Facts You Should Know About Electronic Healthcare Records

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If you have a medical practice or if you work in a medical office, then you know how time consuming and cumbersome working with paper medical records can be. With the advent of the technological age, more and more people and companies are deciding to go paperless. The same can be said for medical offices. Investing in EHR softwares, or electronic health record software, can be a great way to speed up the work in your office so that you can save time and serve your patients better. In fact, in a recent Deloitte healthcare study, it was found that that 6 percent of those surveyed say that Ehr softwares had allowed them to gain more profits and financially benefit from the software. If you are still on the fence about the benefits of electronic medical record software, here are a few facts that you need to know to help you decide.

Did you know that in the United States, the behavioral health medical field is worth an estimated 200 billion dollars in revenue? Some of the best ways that you can take advantage of this trend is to invest in the kind of software that will help to streamline your office and make the whole process of seeing patients as easily as possible. If you are worried that your patients will not be willing to participate in the kind of paperless office that electronic medical records software can provide you should know that according to the CDC, an estimated 75 percent of patients in the United States are willing to go online to access their medical records. This kind of access will make changing doctors, going to a new doctor after a referral, and even emergency care so much more easy than it currently is with the paper system.

Though you might not have actually visited a medical office that has implemented a paperless solution, you should know that according to a study by Becker’s Hospital Review, an estimated 61.7 percent of medical practices surveyed claim they have successfully utilized stage 1 of their EHR softwares. As part of the beginnings of the software, which includes making the employees and patients comfortable, takes time so some of those surveyed could have been still in the middle of the process. Also according to the CDC, nearly half of all medical facilities in the United States without EHR plan to purchase it within the next year. Investing in a paperless system is a great solution to a whole host of problems that you might have in your medical office.

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