How Can You Improve Your Health with Technology? Three Products to Check Out

Health technology products

Did you know that technology can help us lose weight and maintain healthy lifestyles? Two studies published in the Archives of Internal Medicine show that internet and electronic technologies can help us keep on track. In one study, patients who received phone calls from a health coach and monitored their exercise and diet using smart phones lost an average of nine pounds more than the control group after a year. Looking for specific ways you can up your ante and get devices to help you stay in shape? Here are three important products to look out for this year.

1. Armband Monitors

Phones can be useful in a lot of ways, but it can be difficult to keep them on our bodies for an extended length of time. For this reason, armband monitors are great. They stay snugly in place and don’t carry the same risk of falling or breaking that phones might, especially while engaging in strenuous exercise. There are several types of armband sensors out there that can monitor a wide range of bodily functions. Mybasis, for example, can keep track of heart rate, perspiration, skin temperature, and motion. It can use this data to tell you not only how long you sleep, but the quality of your rest, and how many times you woke up.

2. Wireless Scale

Did you ever think you’d read the phrase “open source bathroom scale”? Well, it’s here. There are many scales now, and other technologies besides, that can connect to your phone or computer using bluetooth communication. This can help users further track their data and hone their workout and fitness routines. If you’re like me, you might appreciate a system that doesn’t require you to dig around for an index card so that you can pen down your current weight before you leave for work. Wireless scales are not, surprisingly, speciality items, and can be found at many local drugstores.

3. Golf Trainings Aid

Are you looking for health tech products that can help you excel in the sports you love? There are actually many options available. One is tech aids for golf training. These devices are light and attach to golf clubs right below the grip. Once you swing, the device transfers data to your tablet or phone. It then can inform you about aspects of the swing, such as club head speed, tempo, consistency and more.

What health tech do you use?

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