Self Catheter Supplies Allow You To Take Care Of Yourself Better

Foley catheter

If you have bladder issues that require you to wear a catheter often and you have been having a nurse insert the catheter for you, there are self catheter supplies that can allow you to insert the tube yourself. If you have to use a catheter often to relieve yourself, having to go to your doctor or to the hospital can be cumbersome. There is no need to have to go to the doctor unless there is a medical problem that occurs. With the use of self catheterization supplies, you can easily insert and change out your catheter, saving you a lot of time.

The main reason that most catheter users do not like to do the insertion themselves is out of fear of infection. However, with advanced urinary catheter supplies, you can easily insert a catheter tube with very minimal risk of infection. Many of the supplies that are available are self contained so that there is a very small chance of bacteria getting into the tube.

When you need self catheter supplies, you should look for a medical supply company that can offer you all the items required for your process. When you are able to find the right supplier, you will gain access to quality materials, aiding you in your quest to use your own catheters. There are many reasons that an individual may need a catheter, and being able to insert your own catheter is much more preferred than having to get a nurse to do it for you. When you have self catheter supplies, you can take care of business in the privacy of your own bathroom with no spectators.

There are various types of self catheter supplies that are suited for different people. Finding the right manufacturer to shop with will allow you to get exactly what you need for insertion and care. While you may think that self insertion of a catheter can be difficult to do, with proper training, you will be able to do it very easily. When you have Foley catheter supplies on hand, you will no longer need to make appointments with your doctor for catheter insertion.

If you need to wear a catheter, getting self catheter supplies will make it much easier to use. You can find a retailer that can offer you newfound freedom. This way, you will gain a great amount of quality of life back. This is a great source for more.


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