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How to Manage Care for Your Loved One at End of Life

If your loved one is in need of end of life care, it’s important to understand what qualities to look for. Some people choose to have care given to them in their home, and others choose a hospice facility. Regardless of which set up your loved one prefers, here is what to look for when seeking the right care.

Understand That End of Life Care Includes Respite Services

There will be times when you have difficulty caring for your loved one. That is where respite services come in, allowing you to take care of yourself so you aren’t feeling overtired and the only source of care for your loved one. Respite services allow you to take care of yourself without feeling guilty, all the while knowing that your loved one is getting the help and care they need. Respite care can occur both in-home, which is where over 90% of hospice care takes place, or it can occur at a hospice. Both offer your

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