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    Detoxing From Methadone Addiction

    Drug use and addiction is a widespread problem in the United States, with numerous drugs and painkillers from cocaine to LSD to heroin to methamphetamine being common culprits. One particular drug that can cause addiction is methadone, which ironically is meant to help opioid addicts overcome their condition and free themselves of those drugs. However, methadone addiction can happen, and any addiction calls for medical intervention and help. An addict who wants help can search for “methadone detox centers near me” into an Internet search engine to find out what local centers are available, along with related medical help such as counseling for the mental and lifestyle harm done by drug addiction. Methadone detox centers are the first step to recovery, and methadone rehab and treatment centers for addicts can help someone renew their health and life.

    The Rates of Drug Use

    Heroin and methadone see plenty of users, ongoing and newcomers, every year. For example, in the year

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