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    What to Do When Your Child Has a Cold and the Doctors Closed

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    Every parent knows the familiar dread of getting a call from the school nurse. After all, most American child get the cold at least six times a year. Six bouts of runny noses and coughing fits.
    And of course, the familiar struggle: do you bring them to the doctor or not? Most colds go away with time and rest, if the symptoms start to get too bad, you can always treat them with over the counter medicine.
    If you work a nine-five job, it can be even more difficult to find the time to bring your child to the pediatric care specialists. Less than a third of all primary care doctors have after-hours care available.

    Distract Them

    Have you ever been sick, and had to attend a party? You think it will be a miserable experience, but instead you are so engrossed in the good time that you all but forge

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