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    Do You Have a Friend Who Drinks Too Much? Startling Facts About Drunk Driving

    Private drug rehab

    Addiction affects millions of people around the world, but when we are dealing with our own close friend’s or family member’s addiction, it can feel like a difficult struggle to reach them. Studies indicate that more than 12 million people use illegal drugs every month, but that about 2 million of those people would be classified as addicts. While the debate about addiction continues — is it a disease or are addicts to blame for their behavior? — the families of addicts look for innovative ways to help their loved ones recover. Recovery from addiction can be a long road, but private drug rehab centers exist to help people free themselves from long-term drinking or drug addiction.

    One major question that parents strive to answer is: how did my child start using drugs in the first place? Widespr

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