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    Early Detection How Radiology Saves Lives

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    Over a century ago in 1900, the life expectancy for the average man or woman was just 47 years old; a hundred years later in 2000 the life expectancy has increased to around 77 years. This is thanks in large part to advancements in medical technology that allows doctors to diagnose patients faster and more accurately. One critical element of modern medical technology is radiology which uses imaging technologies such as x-rays, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to see within the body to detect abnormalities or diseases.

    What is Magnetic Resonance Imaging?

    MRI radiology utilizes a magnetic field and radio waves in order to see within the hu

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    Concierge Medicine Your Options, And The Benefits

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    It’s undeniable that aging is a necessary part of life. But aging doesn’t have to mean the same thing for everyone. Growing older doesn’t mean having your body break down, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you have to slow down or feel bad about yourself in any way. There are many anti aging strategies that can suit a variety of different lifestyles. In fact, the best anti aging strategy of all may be to combine all of them! Lifestyle medicine is a growing field of study that can help you feel and look younger through minimal treatments and, largely, just a change in your lifestyle! Let’s look into some of the things you can do to keep yourself looking and feeling younger — for a longer period of time.

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