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    Pancreatic, Liver Cancers Remain Stubborn Killers

    Colon surgery

    Lung cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer are the cancers that get the most publicity; the first two because they are among the most preventable cancers and the latter because of the devastating effect it can have on women. But some of the deadliest cancers are ones you don’t hear much about: pancreatic cancer and liver cancer. These cancers wind up being a death sentence for the majority of people diagnosed with them, and treatment rarely does more than extend lifespans by a few months.

    Pancreatic cancer is much more common than most people think it is. It is widely viewed as a rare cancer, but it’s actually the eighth most common cancer in women. It’s not quite as common in men, however. When it comes to death rates, pancreatic cancer has an outsized effect

    The reason pancreatic cancer ranks so high

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