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    Men Above the age of 50 Should be Avoiding Energy Drinks Here’s Why

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    Getting old is rough. In your 20s, you used to greet the day with full throttle. Now, getting out of bed seems like a feat in and of itself. If you’re an aging man, you may not have realized how lack of energy can affect your life. And while all the coffee in the world might help you get to work, when 2:30 hits, many a man your age grabs an energy drink. However, have you ever asked yourself if you heart can handle such an intense rush of caffeine? If so, you probably should.
    Energy drinks offer consumers a quick fix to their lack of focus and poor sleep issues. Unfortunately, the mounting research surrounding energy drinks stack up pretty vocally against the stuff. According to a rec

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    Hearing Loss Doesn’t Have to Slow You Down

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    As we advance in years, one thing that becomes more common amongst the aging population is hearing loss. It might start with ringing ears or the diminishing of the ability to hear higher frequency sounds. By the time we leave our fifties, we look around and find that 30% of people over 60 have some sort of hearing loss.
    Hearing loss does not affect only one generation, however. For the younger baby boomers (ages 41-59), one out of every six, or 14.6% have some sort of problem with their hearing. Generation Xers are not immune either. For this generation of Americans, one in fourteen, or 7.4% already have hearing loss, and among children 18 and younger, 1.4 million live with hearing problems a

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