Tips for Choosing Assisted Living Centers

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    You may be searching for assisted living centers for a loved one. This is a very important decision because you want to ensure that your family member is safe and well taken care of. Nursing homes and assisted living centers are not just for the elderly, but for anyone that may require 24 hour care.

    The nursing home industry is expected to grow as many people from the Baby Boomer generation turn 65. Currently, the occupancy of nursing homes in the United States approximately 85%. Here is a look at some tips to finding suitable assisted living centers.

    Make a list of assisted living centers or assisted living homes in your area. You can do this by doing a simple Internet search. Narrow the list down to about five or six facilities that you would like to visit. Call each one and request more information about the assisted living centers, including licensing and certification credentials.

    During your phone interviews, ask that the facilities send you a copy of their resident agreement or contract. You should also ask to see activity and meal schedules.

    After you have received the licensing information, verify it through the state authority that oversees assisted living centers. You should also investigate any deficiencies that may be on their record. These can include reports of neglect or medication errors. You want to look for patterns of sub par care and then steer away from these assisted living centers.
    If you can, find assisted living centers that are located close to friends and family, so that it will be easy to make visits. Visits from friends and family can help your loved one feel less stressful or sad about their new living situation.

    Ask about the fees charged by assisted living centers, skilled nursing facilities, or senior retirement communities, so you can find one that will suit your budget or that of your loved one. Ask about Medicare or Medicaid coverage, as well as using Social Security benefits that can be applied to the cost.

    Finally, you should take your loved one for a visit to see how the staff interacts with him or her. You want to make sure that your loved one feels comfortable and is treated respectfully.
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