Can You Take CPR Training Online?

If you are interested in CPR training, then you should be congratulated, because choosing to learn the skills that can save a life is no small deal. As the attached video discusses, however, there are often more than a few questions that surround taking a CPR class or taking CPR training. One of those questions concerns the ability to take CPR training online or remotely. In today’s virtual world of high-tech everything, it is a fair question.

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The simple answer for those who are seriously interested in getting accredited and recognized CPR training is no.

There is CPR training online, and it can serve to help people keep their skills sharp, but for CPR training that is approved by OSCEA and most employers, the hands-on component of CPR training is required. Does that mean you shouldn’t take CPR training online as an alternative? The answer to that question will depend on what you might need CPR training for, but to have CPR training that is universally accepted, CPR training online is not the option you want. Another consideration to be aware of is the cost, because, in the end, you may have to pay for two CPR training classes if your online certification isn’t accepted by an employer, in a role, etc.

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