The Link Between Religion and Healthcare

Many religions prioritize taking care of the ill and injured. This is not a new development: many different ancient cultures around the world have spent their time working toward caring for the sick and injured.

Much of this care for the sick and injured originated from a need to purge the evil from the bodies of those who were suffering. Modern movies poke fun at this with phrases like “The power of Christ compels you!” But the reality of those ancient civilizations revolves around a similar concept. If someone was ill, it was due to evil in their body causing them to be ill, and that evil needed to be purged by someone of religious power.

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Many early doctors were shamans, men of God, or people who worked closely with their higher power.

With the rise in medical knowledge in the modern age, we now understand that illnesses and injuries do not arise from a higher power cursing us, but from tiny organisms that penetrate our body’s defenses. However, religion still plays a vital role in healthcare. Non-profits like Jericho Share allow the ill and injured to afford their medical bills through a shared religious belief and religion-based healthcare.

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