The Causes of Double Vision

In this YouTube video, the presenter discusses the medical causes of double vision or diplopia, which is the technical term for it. The five main causes of double vision are as follows:

1. Strabismus

This is the medical term for an eye that turns in some fashion.

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This condition can be resolved with the use of prism glasses or through vision therapy. Only in the most extreme cases will you need eye surgery.

2. Thyroid Eye Disease

This is part of a larger autoimmune problem. Your immune system attacks the muscles behind your eyes, causing them to swell and protrude. This will give you a bug-eyed appearance and cause vertical double vision. Most of the time, the disease can be caught early and resolved by undergoing surgery.

3. Myasthenia Gravis

This is another autoimmune condition. It prevents your muscles from working properly and can cause erratic eye movements.

4. Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

MS is a frustrating disease because it manifests in different ways. MS is a condition in which your body attacks the fatty sheaf that controls all the nerves in your body. It can lead to vision loss, visual obscuration, color blindness, and swelling behind the eyes which doctors can’t see.

5. Brain tumor

Your eyes are controlled by cranial nerves that are located deep inside your brain. Many of them have long extensions that connect to your eyes. If there is tumor growth of any kind, you will have problems with your eyesight.

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