What Are Cryo Facials Like?

Have you ever wanted to try Cryotherapy for your face? Pamper with Kye takes you inside Astute Clinic for a real review of how it feels to get a cryo facial. Cryo facials use a cooling technique with a specialized serum to boost skin regeneration and decrease overall redness.

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The clinic starts by cleaning the skin. After cleansing, an ultrasonic scrubber removes and softens the black and whiteheads. Once the skin is clean, the extraction process starts which removes impurities from the skin.

Then, a derma roller stimulates collagen and allows the serum to sink into the skin better. This step does involve microneedles, which aren’t painful.

The final step is cryotherapy and moisturizing. Cryotherapy uses a wand with a -5 degree temperature serum. It also uses galvanic currents, a form of electrotherapy that cools and massages the skin after the extraction and micro-needling.

Kye enjoyed this step and the process overall. The facial should make your skin look brighter and feel firmer. Kye gave it a thumbs up and the overall process is a pampering treat for your skin.

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