Do You Have Ear Pain and Does It Hurt To Swallow?

Do you feel pain in your ear every time you swallow? Do you have difficulty swallowing, talking, eating, and drinking?

If so, then what you’re experiencing tells you that they’re actually related. And they don’t go away on their own.

Worrying about this condition will make it worse, so let’s stop that now.

When you know the reason behind it, you can start moving in the right direction to get relief. Read further and gain knowledge on what’s causing this pain and how to make it go away for good.

Infection Is the Common Cause

Infection in the ear, nose, or throat is the common cause of this problem.

The pain you’re experiencing with your ear when you swallow is often caused by a problem in the eustachian tube. This tube is the canal that connects your middle ear to your upper throat and the back of the nasal cavity.

An ear infection can cause one of your tubes to get swollen, and as a result, it brings about fluids to build up. If left untreated, it will end up blocking the canal. When this happens, viruses and bacteria will get caught in the build-up and accumulate.

Aside from ear infections, another thing that causes ear pain and hurts to swallow is an infection in the nose or throat.

The most common among children is tonsillitis. This is when the tonsils become inflamed and swollen, causing a sore irritated throat, fever, and making swallowing difficult. This inflammation is usually caused by a virus or bacteria, and even adults suffer from it from time to time.

Other Causes of Ear Pain

Along with pain in the ear, do you also experience discomfort and soreness in your jaw, or find trouble when you crack your mouth wide open? If so, then you might be suffering from a condition called temporomandibular joint dysfunction. The joint which connects the jaw bone to the skull become misaligned and leads to a great amount of pain.

Habitual clenching of the jaw and even grinding your teeth can lead to this problem. Other symptoms include ringing in the ears, chronic neck pain, as well as severe headaches.

Another condition that may be the source of your ear pain and trouble swallowing is glossopharyngeal neuralgia. It’s a rare disorder that occurs in the glossopharyngeal nerve in the head and neck.

When you have this uncommon condition, intermittent episodes of extreme pain are usually triggered when you swallow, chew, cough, yawn, talk, eat, and drink.

Bacterial infection involving the gums and teeth can cause dental pus or abscess. This sometimes results in ear pain and hurts to swallow, as well.

What’s the Best Treatment

When you are experiencing ear pain and hurts to swallow, the first thing you want to do is find home remedies for sore throat pain.

Mild sore throat and ear pain can sometimes be tolerable. However, it’s still best to treat them right away.

Drinking a warm cup of lemon ginger tea can usually help relieve discomfort because it acts as a natural pain reliever. But, an hour or two after your throat has been soothed by the warm concoction, the symptoms will just recur. It’s because this is more of a preventive measure rather than a proper treatment.

There are also a lot of stuffy nose and sore throat remedies that you can buy at drugstores or even online. But, what if you’re not sure about the real cause of your ear and throat problem?

A visit to an ear, nose, and throat specialist should be your top priority to get the best treatment. Telling the doctor that you have ear pain and hurts to swallow as well as the symptoms, will result in him giving you a proper diagnosis.

Start Treating Your Ear Pain Right Away

Knowing the reason behind the pain in your ear when you swallow is only the beginning of your treatment. While there are home remedies to help ease the condition, we recommend that you still consult with your doctor. You’ll receive a more accurate diagnosis and be able to experience relief faster.

If you find this article helpful, be sure to check our other write-ups on this site. You’ll discover more information and tips on how to improve your health and feel better.

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