How Contact Lens Wearers Can Best Care For Their Eyes

UPDATED 12/21/20

If you have ever had problems with your eyes, you need to have regular checkups with your eye doctor. In fact, even if your eyes have always been healthy, you should still see your eye doctor every year or two. When you make an eye clinic appointment, it may be that you need the full exam. This may be longer for those who wear contacts. In many cases, you can book eye appointment online so that it’s quick and easy to do. The eye care center should have a working website that allows you to learn about the practice as well as to schedule your eye check appointment.

When you get to your eye appointment, you will get the eye care help you need. This generally starts with an eye exam, so make sure to tell the tech that you intend to wear contacts if you do wear them. There may be extra tests that the doctor wants to do. Then, you will be tested for a number of serious eye conditions. After that, the eye doctor will seek to find out what your eyesight prescription is. When you have your prescription, you can get the sight correction that you’ve been looking for.

Experts recommend that you visit your optometrist either annually or bi-annually, depending on your age, and your eye care needs. Many patients visit their optometrist annually because they are in a high-risk factor group.

An optometrist is a specialist that has the expertise and equipment to implement your eye exam, diagnose vision problems, fit you for contacts, and help to correct your vision. Many patients that see an optometrist choose contact lenses to improve their vision.

Contact Lenses

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Your optometrist can fit you for contact lenses right in the eye clinic. They will measure your eye to ensure you get the perfect fit. They can order the lenses for you and provide you with instructions on how to insert and remove them.

Contacts are a great option for most people that require corrective lenses, but they are not the best solution in all cases. Your optometrist and eye clinic is the best place to find out if your vision correction needs can be met with contact lenses.

Eye Care With Contacts

Meridian MS eye doctors are a great resource of information on what steps you need to take to ensure you are using your contacts the right way. They can expand on these tips and answer any questions that you may have about eye care and contacts. Over 45 million Americans wear contact lenses without incident by following some basic eye care procedures.

Here are some contact care basics:

  • Keep everything clean
  • Check contact for any damage
  • Use fingertips only to insert

Cleanliness is a key factor in ensuring that you can wear your contacts without issue. Before you handle your contact lens be sure to wash your hands thoroughly with unscented soap. You also should use a lint-free towel to ensure little particles do not contaminate your contact lenses.

You also want to follow your optometrist directions for storage and care of your contact lenses. You should not put in eye drops or any other solutions when you are wearing your lenses.

Inspect Your Lens Every Time You Put It In

Even the smallest damage to your contact lens means it is not usable. A tiny rip in the lens can irritate the eye, cause discomfort and even be a catalyst for infection.

Never Use Anything But Your Fingertips

Be careful when handling your lenses. Never use a tweezer or your fingernails to insert or remove the lenses. Contact lenses are durable yet fragile, and of course, you never want to get close to your eye with anything that is sharp.

Make an appointment today to see if your vision can be corrected by contact lenses.

While you once needed to visit the eye doctor any time you wanted contact lenses, you can now buy contacts without doctor visits so long as you obtained a copy of your prescription. These remain valid for one year. The contact lenses Meridian MS provides let you get a pair or a box of your prescription lens by ordering online.

Buy Individual Contact Lenses

One of the best parts of purchasing online is you can buy single pair of contacts or just an individual contact. Have you ever lost one contact lens and lamented that you would have to purchase a full pair? That does not happen at Meridian MS. Whether you need one contact lens or a box of contact lenses, when you buy contact lenses same day shipping means a lot.

Get Contact Lenses Same Day as Your Order

You can find places with same day delivery. That lets you quickly replace a lost lens so you can see perfectly again without your glasses. Try online shopping for contacts for the best service.

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