Looking for a Workout Regiment? Biking is the Perfect Solution!

Everyone wishes they could just sink into their couch, binge watch their favorite show and eat whatever they want and they will be fit as a fiddle. Unfortunately, that is not the case, as much as we want to believe it. Instead, being active and eating right is the only way one can achieve physical fitness. And a great way to do that is riding bicycle.

Bicycles offer a myriad of benefits not immediately noticed by outsiders, especially health benefits. Let’s begin with the obvious healthy benefits.

Want a Healthy Heart? Here is a Healthy Start!

If you are familiar with running as a physical activity, you will have probably noticed your joints can get pretty sore. The fact of the matter is, your joints are taking all your weight and, with every step you take, your joints are compressed.

Compare that to biking, it does not require your joints to be compressed and if you bike the same amount of time you run, you will almost burn as many calories. It is a good trade-off to consider: your joints are not as sore for a trivial amount of calories lost? Easy decision. You still get the workout you need.

And it goes without saying, the cardio and increase in muscle strength is always a plus. In fact, if you bicycle at least 20 miles a week, you will effectively reduce coronary heart disease by as much as 50 percent, according to a study conducted by the British Medical Association.

The opportunity to burn calories and control your weight is probably the whole reason you may have started, or would like to start. To top it off, it is objectively fun to enjoy the wind in your face, while you are coasting down hills.

It seems these benefits have convinced hundreds of thousands of people, considering the biking industry raked in $6.2 billion back in 2015. About $81 million of that gets tossed into buying bicycling gear. It is well worth the investment, especially leather saddles.

Why Leather Saddles?

Your average, run-of-the-mill bicycle can do just fine for light use, but not for repeated use during exercise. You are asking for chafed thighs. You will need to take advantage of the benefits of having a bike seat, like a leather saddle.

Leather saddles are often made with a process that keeps them soft and flexible, unlike its other leather-made cousins. Leather bike seats offer the comfort you will need for repeated use.

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