Behind the Benefits Of Biking

Biking is an incredibly popular sport and activity here in the United States and one that is only the rise. In fact, it is not JUST popular in the United States, with people all throughout the world partaking in biking as well, so much so that, with one billion bikes currently in use all throughout the planet, there are far more bikes than there are cars, an impressive feat to say the least. In addition to this, an increase of more than forty five percent has been seen in the number of people who use bikes to commute to work over only the last ten or so years, give or take (the data was first collected in the year of 2005). And more than three million adults regularly ride their bikes all throughout their country, a number that is only likely to grow and grow in the years that are to come.

But why has biking jumped so significantly in popularity? For one thing, it’s pretty cost effective when you look at the big picture of things. When you drive every day to work – or even when you take various modes of public transportation instead – you find that you end up spending quite a lot of money on your commute alone, mainly on gas costs and the wear and tear that you put onto your car. When you bike, however, you no longer need to worry about any costs at all, aside from the cost of the bike itself and any bike accessories that you might pick up over the years, like leather bike seats and seat clamps and the like.

On top of this, biking is also an incredibly healthy thing to do for your body. Too many of us adults here in the United States are far from as active as we ideally should be, with less than half of the adult population of this country getting the weekly recommended amounts of exercise and only around five percent of the population getting thirty minutes of exercise (at least) on a daily basis. But biking with comfortable bike seats is a great way to get a great deal of exercise in, even if you just bike to and from work whenever the weather permits you to do so.

Doctors back up the positive health impact that biking can make. They say that biking a mere twenty miles per week can mean reducing your risk of developing or worsening already existing coronary heart disease by as much has fifty percent. Biking will also help to strengthen your muscles and lengthen your endurance, again something that will be hugely positive at the end of the day and in the overall quality of your life (and the longevity of it, as well).

Biking is also just fun! Many people enjoy exploring new places on their bikes, as many places that you can go with your bike are inaccessible to cars and too long to traverse easily on foot. For many people, the speed of biking can provide a bit of a thrill. Bike races too are common, and while some people perform in bike races on a competitive level, many people will do it to simply have a good time as well.

But if you’re going to be biking quite a bit, it’s important to have the right bike. In addition to this, comfortable bike seats are a must, as a bike without a comfortable bike seat will be far from enjoyable to ride. Fortunately, bike seats come in many different varieties, so there will likely be an ideal bike seat out there for just about everyone. Leather bike saddles, for instance, are popular, a high quality type of bike seat that can provide a superior bike riding experience. And though leather bike seats can be more expensive than bike seats that are made from other types of materials, leather bike seats often provide a quality that is well worth the cost, to say the least.

From bike seats to the bike itself, finding the right bike can provide you with a way to change your life, to get healthier and to even help the environment.

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