4 Effective Home Remedies for Hair Rejuvenation

Hair is one of the most beautiful features in a person, particularly women. At least that’s what majority in society believes. Most women want a hairy head, but it is unfortunate that hair loss has become a familiar problem for men and women alike. But statistics show that in the United States, 21 million women more than men are experiencing hair loss. Other studies show that around 40% of women will experience significant hair loss by the time they are 40 years old.

Hair loss in women can be associated with several factors, such as aging, stress, hormonal imbalance, environment, medical conditions, habits and lifestyle, harsh cosmetics and medicines. And while it is normal to lose hair, especially during grooming, those with hereditary hair loss problem tend to lose more with bald spots. If you go through an unusual stage of hair loss, it’s time you consult hair specialists. Approximately 90 percent of hair loss is genetically related and requires specialized drugs or treatment such as laser treatment. Some of these treatments have side effects and are also expensive, which means that more natural treatment solutions need to be considered. Below are some home remedies for women’s hair rejuvenation.

Methi seed
One of the most effective remedies used in women’s hair loss treatment. Also known as fenugreek seed, this remedy is rich in a hormone history that encourages hair growth as well as repair broke and damaged hair follicles. The reason why most hair specialists recommend fenugreek seed is because it also contains protein and nicotinic acid that gives your hair a healthy natural look and feel while strengthening the hair shaft.

Coconut oil
Cocoa oil offers mutiple benefits to your hair more than any other home remedy out there. It not only boosts hair growth by reducing hair loss and controlling thinning hair, but it also ensures your hair stays conditioned and moisturized. Other than coconut oil, you can also use olive oil, castor oil or almond and you are certain to get the same best results.

Aloe Vera
You can use Aloe Vera for easy and fast hair growth. It is a mild natural alkaline plant which can effectively deal with scalp problems such as itching and flaking. The essential proteins, fats and enzymes of the create an optimal pH on the scalp thus boosting hair growth. Aloe Vera can be processed as juice, gel, soap or applied in its natural form. It can also be used for dandruff treatment. Hair specialists recommend the use of aloe vera for at least a month for best results.

Onion juice
How much of your hair grows depends heavily on the amount of collagen in your body. Onion juice is known to stimulate the production of collagen that improves the circulation of the blood and improves hair rejuventation. The juice is also a good antibacterial agent that kills germs and parasites and treat infections of the scalp.

Hair rejuvenation for women can benefit from both modern sciences as well as natural solutions. Using these remedies can help you combat hair loss, improve it’s health while saving on cost. Other home remedies you can try include beetroot juice, amla and licorice root.

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