Blepharoplasty What is it, Why is it Performed and Other Questions and Answers

Everyone is looking for a way to look younger and add a more youthful glow to their appearance. There are many ways this can be done including some surgical and some non-surgical procedures. In the year 2017 surgical procedures rose a little more than 10% while non-surgical procedures rose just over 4%, meaning more people are opting for surgical procedures over non-surgical procedures. There are many reasons for these choices, but time is probably one of the biggest reasons.

We live in a day and age where everyone wants something now, we are not used to waiting for things. Technology such as DVR and cell phones has put information withing our reach in a matter of seconds at any given point in the day. This typically plays over into our life as well. We aren’t accustomed to waiting for things, and want results now. Many times non-surgical procedures don’t produce results as fast as surgical procedures do, although both can produce younger natural results. That doesn’t mean one procedure is better than the other, just more popular and in some instances there aren’t many procedures that compare, such as blepharoplasty. This procedure produces natural results with minimal pain and allows patients to feel younger and achieve those natural results sooner. Read on to learn more about this procedure.

What is Blepharoplasty?

This procedure helps you feel more confident with the way you look by addressing your eyelids. It removes skin and adds or removes fat from the eyelid. A thin line is used to bring skin together performing an eyelid crease for upper eyelids. The lower eyelid involves an incision below the lash line. This method helps to lift the eyes and reverse sagging under the eye area. This procedure provides more natural results for patients and is one of the less invasive body procedures performed by a plastic surgeon.

Long Lasting Results

One of the benefits of having this procedure done is that, along with natural results, patients can expect long lasting results. Many patients never need any revisions once this procedure is performed and they are happy with their results for many years. Patients typically choose this procedure because of the lasting results and because it eliminates recurring revisions, it is usually a one time procedure.


The recovery time after this procedure is usually short and very few patients have serious pain afterwards. The most common type of issue patients experience is bruising and swelling where the procedure was performed. Cool compression and over-the-counter pain medicines can help with this. Stitches used during the procedure usually come out in about a week if they have to be removed, but some doctors use stitches that self absorb and don’t require removal.

Is it for Everyone

There are some individuals that should talk with their doctor before having this type of procedure performed. Those who smoke can run into difficulties with this procedure, therefore it is important not to smoke before or after you have it done. Non smokers are the best candidates, and those that currently smoke should quit before considering this type of procedure. Those who have heart problems, blood clotting problems, or other health problems should work closely with their doctors to determine whether this procedure would be beneficial or not.

As you can see, sometimes a surgical procedure can be just as beneficial as a non-surgical one. Results are what people are after and blepharoplasty produces those results in a minimal amount of time with minimal pain or discomfort. If you’re searching for a more youthful appearance around your eye area and want a procedure that produces natural results, look no further than this procedure. Explore your options and talk with doctors in your area to find the one you are comfortable dealing with. Make sure they can answer all of your questions before hand and that you are completely comfortable and feel fully knowledgeable of the procedure. A little time spent researching on your part can leave you with results that you’ll love and that will last for years to come.

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