My Child Has A Fever And I Can’t See A Doctor Immediately What Do I Do?

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Trying to help a sick child can be one of the scariest things in the world. A fever that just won’t seem to go down or an upset stomach that keeps them from eating can cause many to stress out. When you can’t visit a doctor immediately? It’s understandable to start panicking. If you’ve found yourself in this situation before or want to prepare for the worst, look up ‘doctors making housecalls Alberta’ find someone in your area. If you’re unfamiliar with this particular form of Canadian healthcare, never fear. Your options are much larger than you may think and there are useful resources you can tap into when you’re afraid for your child’s safety.

What Is A Doctor On Demand?

Before you look up ‘doctors making housecalls Alberta’, learn more about the service you’re seeking out. When visiting a doctor in-person isn’t an option due to weather or personal circumstance, seeking out a doctor on demand is useful service that can still help you and your child out in a moment of need. The Rapid Antigen Detection Test (also known as the RADT) is a very quick and accurate throat swab that can be used when you’re unable to leave your home.

You can even search ‘online doctor Alberta’ or ‘online doctor chat Alberta’ if you have a reliable Internet connection, receiving support at your fingertips.

What Are Moderate Health Risks For Children?

The common cold and flu affect millions of people every year, particularly in the cold season when illness is more likely to spread. An estimated 25% of Canadians will come down with the flu, with symptoms appearing one to four days after exposure to the virus. While the common cold is more characterized by a mild fever and runny nose, the flu comes with more severe nausea, higher fever and reduced appetite. Another common infection is the ear infection, very common in children as young as six months old.

Any minor condition can become worse if your child has a compromised immune system or past history with reoccurring infections. Looking up ‘doctors making housecalls Alberta’ or ‘doctor on demand Alberta’, even if it’s just keeping names on a list, can reduce worry.

What Are Serious Health Risks For Children?

Strep throat is a very painful and frustrating condition for children. Younger populations are more prone to coming down with strep throat due to carelessness when interacting with others who are still recovering. This includes not washing hands, forgetting to cough into the shoulder and sharing objects that carry the virus. Signs of strep throat include coughing, swollen lymph nodes, sore throat and fever. More extreme complications of the illness can include vomiting and fainting.

Treatment should be sought out as soon as possible to reduce the risk of complications and encourage a fast recovery.

What Should I Do When My Child Has A Fever?

A fever is scary for both parents and the child affected. They are, however, the body’s natural way of killing infection. A child with a fever should be dressed in lightweight clothing (no shoes or jackets) and the room temperature should be reduced to a comfortable 20 degrees Celsius. Make sure they’re drinking enough water to help flush out bacteria from their system and keep their sinuses clear. Although a healthy child can maintain a fever of 39 degrees Celsius, this should only be for a short time.

Talking to a medical professional online or over the phone can help with the basics until help can arrive.

Should I Request An On Demand Doctor?

Sometimes you’re not able to make it to the hospital. This is where looking up ‘doctors making housecalls Alberta’ can keep your child safe. With the flu season on its way it’s imperative to do everything you can to prevent illness. Implementing strict hand washing regimens, getting your child their annual flu shot and wiping down hard surfaces with antiseptic wipes will go a long way in preventing the entire family from getting sick. Children with immunodisorders or past complications should take extra precautions.

When your child is sick and you’re fearing the worst, looking up ‘talk to a doctor online Alberta’ is a great first step.

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