The Pain in Your Hips Won’t Lie Know Your Body

Lake sammamish physical therapy

There are plenty of reasons why it is such a popular notion to pine for the fountain of youth. After a certain point in life, many people will look back at earlier days with a fondness and nostalgia for what they used to be able to do when they were younger. Sometimes, that has to do with attitudes and a general spirit or perspective. Sometimes it is related to the freedom of being independent or having a certain type of job and no one relying on you. And quite often, for many people, it has to do with the physical capabilities.

As we walk through this life, the going can get pretty tough, and it wears on our bodies. Everything can eventually have an impact on our bodies and the ease of movement we once experienced as young and spry individuals, from repetitive movements and actions in our daily lives to sports to accidents resulting in injuries. Attempting to recover or adjust to any limits your body may develop requires patience and a willingness to understand and deliver just what your body needs.

Physical therapy for hips, knees, and back pain

Some of the most common chronic pain and injuries develop in the major joints like the knees, hips, shoulders, and elbows, and in the back. Of course, the type of pain is highly dependent on your lifestyle and the things you go through in life, but no matter what you are doing, the brunt of the impact is almost always going to be largely on your legs and back, the parts of your body that provide the most support, dexterity, and movement. When these elements start to degrade or are injured, your entire routine can be affected. This is why physical therapy is a key factor in keeping you healthy and mobile.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, known more commonly as the CDC, has reported that hip pain is present in about 7% of the United States population at any given time. Going through regular physical therapy can provide the hip strengthening that you need to get back on your feet and stay in motion to keep up with your busy life.

Persistent joint pain
It is very common to experience some type of joint pain. Our joints provide incredible range of movement, but are quite susceptible to injury, particularly among those who have high impact jobs or hobbies. Keeping your hips healthy and fine tuned is important, as they provide you with a strong base as well as range of movement.

Arthritis, very common in the wrists and hands, can also occur in the knees and hips, and affects that strength and mobility. Osteoarthritis, otherwise known as OA, is the most common type of arthritis. Affecting more than 30 million adults across the country, OA is also known as degenerative joint disease, referring to the wear and tear of the stresses and impact that is put on those joints on a daily basis. Physical therapy, along with knowing your body and its limits, is crucial to maintaining strong hip stability.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, there are over 5 million injuries across the country every year that result from sports. Between recreational activities, high impact jobs or routines, and normal wear and tear on the body, it is important to stay in tune with your body in order to allow it to function at its peak and stay healthy.

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