Medical Professionals Guide Testing Procedures in Their Facilities

Respiratory viral panel

This is not the way you expected to celebrate your 40th wedding anniversary. This is not the news that you expected to hear from your son. Just when you thought that you and your family were all in a good place, you received a phone call that changed everything.

You were planning to be on a cruise with four of your best friends, but when you got the phone call about your oldest son you decided that the trip would have to be put on hold. When you found out that the doctors were performing on organ functions test after your son was brought in for testing for illicit drugs, you realized that you had a very big problem on your hands.

Fortunately, the organ function tests indicated that there is no permanent damage, but you still know that it is the best idea to stay home. Your son has agreed to visit an toxicology drug testing laboratory as requested and to attend rehabilitation sessions three to four times a week.
Blood Test Labs Provide Important Patient Information to Doctors

From evaluations for opiate users to screening for bacterial infections, blood tests provide important information. From pregnancy check-ups to blood sugar levels, blood tests provide needed details for doctors. Annual visits also start with blood pressure checks and blood draws.

Urine Tests Also Provide Needed Information about Patients
When life throws you a health problem it is important to find out the exactly what you are dealing with as soon as possible. In fact, early diagnosis is the key to solving many health issues. Toxicological analysis helps doctors use urine tests, for instance, to check a number of conditions and provide specific guidance for treatment options.
Some groups of doctors start appointments with all new patients with a thorough screening of blood and urine work. The toxicology results from these tests can provide detailed information about past health histories as well as indicate current information about the patient. This initial test, if thoroughly screened and correctly interpreted, can help doctors determine the maintenance care that the most healthy patients may need, as well as needed detailed health plans for the patients who are in the most need.

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