Do You Have Your Summer Vacation Planned?

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It is that time of year when even the pastor is on a weekend getaway.
As the first weekend in July arrives, the church pews are a little empty. The lead pastor announces that he will be doing the service this morning himself because the assistant pastor is on vacation with his family.
A dangerous announcement before the sermon, right? Simply knowing that someone else is on a weekend getaway can set your mind a wandering to all the places where you would like to travel to. Consider the possibilities of a weekend getaway to your favorite destination!

  • Walking along the beach at your favorite oceanside condo. A weekend vacation to the ocean is a great way to celebrate an anniversary, a reunion with friends, or just a few days off work.
  • Alpine ski trails turn into great spots for hiking and sledding during the long days of summer. Many ski resorts keep a couple of lifts open during the summer months and sell passes for a n afternoon of alpine sledding.
  • Napa Valley is not the only weekend vacation that gives you a chance to sample some fine wine as you hear the story of the local
  • New York City makes for a great weekend trip and a chance to take in a few shows and hit all the famous shopping spots and restaurants.
  • An outdoor dining spot by a relaxing lake can provide a place to getaway just for the evening if you cannot get off work for a longer period of time.

  • Going on a couples trip to a salon and golf course is the perfect solution for many people who are looking for a way to work on their wellness along with their relaxation.
  • Every weekend away should provide plenty of opportunities for relaxing as well as being active. A long weekend getaway that lets you bike ride during the day and relax in a hot tub at night might be the perfect trip.
  • Tubing down a long lazy river gives you a chance to enjoy nature, celebrate with friends, and get some sun.
  • An international study indicated that 59% of people prefer a relaxing vacation to a more active one, so make sure that you consider a mountainside hotel that gives you a spectacular view while you read the new book by your favorite author.
  • Weekend getaways to a location full of farmer’s markets, artists offering their wares, and local food trucks provide a lot of variety.
  • A unique wedding destination to help your friends celebrate the beginning of their new life can introduce you to a location that can serve as a wonderful escape for both couple and families.
  • Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Canyon are destinations for many families who have the chance to take a long summer vacation.

Nearly 80% of domestic trips taken are for leisure purposes. This is especially true in the summer when families are looking for a way to escape the hectic schedules of work and other commitments and simply enjoy time together.

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