How Many Medications Does Your Family Take Everyday?

Comparator sourcing

As the nation watched, or completely ignored, yesterday’s GOP health bill feud fizzle itself out, an entire industry of scientists, doctors, and factory workers simply went about doing their jobs. For while the news channels got themselves in a frenzy over the possibility of passing a new bill that would take the place of the Affordable Care Act, the real work of the pharmaceutical industry continued. From comparator sourcing to the continued development of epedigree solutions and new techniques to block falsified medicines directives, pharmaceutical packaging companies and the entire drug industry continued to employ and improve medical packaging techniques. Techniques that keep patients more safe and dosages more easy to understand.
No matter where you land on the political spectrum, and no matter how closely you pay attention to the latest government struggle to dismantle or improve the current healthcare system in this country, it is far more likely that you are able to understand the progress that the drug making companies have made in the past years. For while you may not be interested in reading the latest findings and research about drug comparator sourcing and clinical trials outsourcing, you are likely very interested in the safe dosing of any medications that are used by your family. Especially if you live in a home with small children, you are likely very aware of the need for safety caps and other protective procedures. From easy to handle and understand dosage cups that come with over the counter cough syrups to the convenient medication blister packaging that provides dated pills and directions that are easy to follow, the pharmaceutical packaging industry probably has a greater impact on your everyday life than the latest congressional healthcare reform success or failure.

  • 75.1% of medical visits involve some kind of drug therapy.
  • Doctors ordered or provided 285.1 million prescription drugs during 2010 outpatient hospital visits.
  • 48.5% of all Americans have used at least one prescription drug in the past 30 days.
  • $231.46 billion was the total sales amount of all U.S. pharmacy and drug sales in the year 2011, making the pharmaceutical industry one of the major contributors to the nation’s economy.

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