Top Reasons to Get into Selling Your Own Private Label Skincare for Spas

Cosmetic solutions for skin care

In today’s world most of us want to look younger. In 2011, the anti-aging industry in the United States was worth approximately $80 billion. By 2015, that industry had grown to about $114 billion. The sun is one of the main culprits in aging people’s skin. People do not have to use a tanning bed ot lay out in the sun for it to age the skin. Every day, even on the cloudy ones, the Sun’s UV rays reach the surface of the earth. It is critical that people wear sunscreen every day. By the same token, pollution can be very damaging to the skin. Pigment and age spots can be increased by as much as 20% by everyday air pollution like what is created by cars exhaust in traffic. If people are looking to reverse the signs of aging from either pollution or the sun, they look to their dermatologist for the latest in anti-aging products and cosmetic solutions for skin care. This can be a great source of supplemental income for doctors.

Given how much people want to look younger longer, never has it been more lucrative to sell anti-aging products. With the ecommerce sites being as easy as they are to set up and with the many ways to sell and distribute products online, there has never been a better time to take control of your future and life by nurturing your entrepreneurial side. You can develop, market and sell your own cosmetic solutions for skin care. This industry has private label skin care for spas sound great, maybe one of the benefits of working in this exciting business will.

  • You will improve your brand awareness. As a doctor with a thriving practice, you have a base to start with. Private label skin care gives you a chance to take advantage of your existing brand and expand it. Your existing brand and reputation as a physician will help you drive awareness of your cosmetic solutions for skin care. The two side of your business will work to help and nurture the other. Basically, you will start your business with a good reputation on one side and the other will benefit.
  • When you develop your own skin products, you have the exclusive rights to them. When you sell other people’s cosmetic solutions for skin care, they can dictate everything that can and cannot be done with those professional skin care products. They also dictate how those products can be marketed and even take back your right to sell the products. Because they have another brand attached to them that has nothing to do with you or your practice, you miss out on the cross promotion opportunities that come with selling your own private label skin care products. When you own the brand of skin care products, you have the right to do whatever you want. You can market it the way you want.
  • Your revenue stream will be much stronger with your own products. If you sell another person or company’s cosmetic solutions for skin care, you only get part of the profits from the sale. The person or company who developed and owns it gets the lion’s share of the money from any sales you make. When you sell your own products, that lion’s share goes to you. This also gives you the ability to keep your business more flexible and you can take your profits and put them back into your business. You can grow your side business and make it into something that you are really happy with and proud of. As your brand gains loyal followers, you can continue to grow it and work on your marketing plan to get more customers and clients.

If your practice sells any skin care products, you should ask yourself, “Is there a reason I am selling other people’s products and not selling my own private label skin care products for spas?” Unless you are making so much money that you do not think you need the added revenue from selling your own private label skin care line, you should really consider this.



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