Symptoms of Thyroid Disease May be Going Unnoticed by Millions of Americans

What are the symptoms of thyroid disease

For most people, there is nothing more important than their own personal health. Health and well being are dependent on many factors. It is often believed that the health of the mind and the body are directly correlated and therefore, equally important. Individuals can take various measures to ensure that they keep both a sound mind and a sound body in their life. However, there are many issues that can unexpectedly arise. Certain diseases and other conditions can occur at any time, often when the person is not even aware that they have already begun experiencing symptoms. Hypothyroidism is one such example of this. People often want to know what are symptoms of thyroid disease so that they can know what to look for in case they may be experiencing any. For treatment of hypothyroidism, individuals can seek the services of specialized doctors in Houston, Texas.

An estimated 12 percent of the American population will experience a thyroid condition during their lifetime, according to research conducted by the American Thyroid Association. The research of the American Thyroid Association also found that thyroid disorders are 5 to 8 times more likely to occur in women than in men. What many find to be surprising about thyroid disease is that thyroid imbalance symptoms go unnoticed very frequently. Statistics have revealed that thyroid conditions are experienced by about 13 million Americans who are completely unaware that they have thyroid problems.

So, what are symptoms of thyroid disease? When a body experiences hypothyroidism, the metabolism will slow down, or go into overdrive. As a result, a person can experience a range of effects such as depression, fatigue, sleep disorders, irritability, anxiety, and rapid weight loss or rapid weight gain. To better recognize and identify the symptoms they are experiencing in an effort to potentially diagnose a thyroid disorder, individuals can visit a specialized doctor in Houston, Texas. More like this article:

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