Medical Care Options for Your Child

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    We have all been there. You are going about your workday when you get a call from your child?s school. They are not feeling well or suffered an injury in the classroom. They are requesting that you pick them up and take them in for medical care. But, where do you go? You never considered how to handle an emergency or urgent concern. You will never be able to schedule an appointment with your primary physician. What are your options?

    Take them home and wait

    You cannot truly know what your child?s condition is until you pick them up. You could always take them home and wait and see how their symptoms progress. But, if they do not feel any better, your options dwindle the later that it gets. If you wait too long, you won?t even be able to call your physician?s office for a consultation. You cou

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    A Brief Overview of Autoclaves in the Medical Industry

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    In the mid 19th century, Louis Pasteur found out revolutionary information concerning how to kill bacteria. Pasteur determined that bacteria could be effectively killed at a temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The discoveries of Pasteur would form the foundation that led to the creation of the autoclave. In this post, you will learn how an autoclave works and where it’s commonly found.

    What Does an Autoclave Do?

    An autoclave works by sending steam in order to effectively clean equipment. Statistics show that the 270 degree Fahrenheit steam produced by an autoclave works well for getting rid of most contaminants. One reason autoclaves have risen to popularity is due to how fast they sanitize. Medical facilities use autoclaves to ensure patients don’t have to wait for sanitary instruments. It’s i

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    Three Major Advantages of Patient Lifts

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    When a person is elderly, injured, or otherwise impaired physically, there are many advantages of patient lifts. Mobility is often an issue in many different circumstances, not the least of which are the circumstances regarding aging in place, recovering from injury or surgery at home, and living a fuller life while permanently disabled.

    There are approximately 53 million Americans who live with a disability. Of all of the disabilities, limited mobility is the most common and almost 7 million Americans need some kind of device to aid them in their mobility. Patient lifts for home use as well as portable patient lifts can dramatically change the quality of life for all those who might ne

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