Experience Convenient Access to Medical Care With a Local Walk-in Clinic


    Urgent care medicine continues to be a growing specialty and a popular choice for busy Americans. The Urgent Care Association, for example, estimates that three million people visit urgent care facilities every week. Walk-in clinics are a convenient choice for many reasons. In addition to being able to receive medical assistance without an appointment, 85% of these clinics are open each day of the week.

    Physicians and mid-level providers, such as physician’s assistants, are able to evaluate and treat a variety of medical issues and injuries. On an annual basis, for example, people in the United States suffer with about a billion colds. While the average person may fully recover

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    Four Reasons Employer Drug Tests are Beneficial

    Hair follicle drug test

    Many employers wonder about drug tests and if they are ethical or beneficial. Requiring routine and random urine drug tests can become expensive and timely for an employer, especially if it is consistently resulting in a loss of employees and high turnover rates. Employers may question how much affect drug and alcohol use actually has on work productivity and if the decrease is worth the process of urine drug tests.

    Drug use can negatively affect a business?s profits
    High amounts of drug and alcohol use can actually affect a business?s bottom line. When employees are regularly using drugs or alcohol on the job, they are not completing required work tasks. Too much of a decrease in completed tasks and it will eventually have a negative effect on the business and its pr

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    What Can I Do To Treat My Poison Ivy Rash?

    Issaquah urgent care

    After a great weekend camping with the kids, it’s time to get back into the working groove. However, nothing can hurt your workflow quite like a rash from poison ivy.

    Poison ivy rashes are caused by an oil called urushiol. Urushiol is a resin released from the roots, stems, and leaves of poison ivy plants. Physical contact with it can result in an allergic reaction called contact dermatitis. Up of 85% of the American population is allergic to urushiol.

    Poison ivy rash symptoms

    Symptoms of poison ivy include itchy, red, or blistering skin. These rashes can take anywhere between 12 to 48 hours to develop on the skin, and this delayed reaction can cause serious problems. This makes it incredibly easy for urushiol to spread to other parts of your body.

    In fact, urushiol can still affec

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