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    4 Effective Home Remedies for Hair Rejuvenation

    Hair is one of the most beautiful features in a person, particularly women. At least that’s what majority in society believes. Most women want a hairy head, but it is unfortunate that hair loss has become a familiar problem for men and women alike. But statistics show that in the United States, 21 million women more than men are experiencing hair loss. Other studies show that around 40% of women will experience significant hair loss by the time they are 40 years old.

    Hair loss in women can be associated with several factors, such as s, aging, stress, hormonal imbalance, environment, medical conditions, habits and lifestyle, harsh cosmetics and medicines. And while it is normal to lose hair, especially during grooming, those with hereditary hair loss problem tend to lose more with bald spots. If you go through an unusual stage of hair loss, it’s time you consult hair specialists. Approximately 90 percent of hair loss is genetically related and requires specialized drugs or treatme

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