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    Common Spinal Afflictions That Need Surgery

    The neck and the spine are, literally, the backbone of the human body; these parts serve as a hub for neurological communication and many other essential human functions. Individuals who have neck and spine issues and thusly require neurosurgical operations are burdened with a heavy load of medical expenses, pain management treatments, and rehabilitation. However, these operations can completely change the outlook of a patient suffering from a neurological condition. Here are some important facts about the issues that require neurological operations.
    Bulging discs. Bulging discs are a more common neurological condition that can cause pain and loss of mobility, depending on the nerve or part of the spinal cord that is being agitated by the protruding disc. This problem is caused by the weakening of the bone matter in the discs as humans age, and can occur in any three of the spinal regions that have discs: cervical, thoracic, and lumbar. However, most occurrences ar

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