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    Blepharoplasty What is it, Why is it Performed and Other Questions and Answers

    Everyone is looking for a way to look younger and add a more youthful glow to their appearance. There are many ways this can be done including some surgical and some non-surgical procedures. In the year 2017 surgical procedures rose a little more than 10% while non-surgical procedures rose just over 4%, meaning more people are opting for surgical procedures over non-surgical procedures. There are many reasons for these choices, but time is probably one of the biggest reasons.

    We live in a day and age where everyone wants something now, we are not used to waiting for things. Technology such as DVR and cell phones has put information withing our reach in a matter of seconds at any given point in the day. This typically plays over into our life as well. We aren’t accustomed to waiting for things, and want results now. Many times non-surgical procedures

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