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    What Does an Urgent Care Center Treat?

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    3 million people can’t be wrong. That’s approximately the number of people that visit an urgent care clinic each week. Urgent care clinics treat a wide variety of problems and 85% of them are open 7 days per week. Below are some of the most common patient complaints seen at an urgent care facility.

    1. Wound care. Cleaning, possibly stitching, and dressing wounds was the most common procedure in 2012. Every cut or scrape from head to toe can be handled by an urgent care facility. The dedicated staff will clean and dress the wound and provide any medication needed.

    2. Difficulty breathing. In 2012, The most common diagnosis in urgent care centers was an upper respiratory condition.

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    Now Is the Time to Discuss Senior Assisted Living Options with Parents

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    The Italian sandwich was a little spicier than you expected, and it was definitely too spicy for your 85 year old father. You did not, however, realize at the time that when you were ordering for yourself you were also ordering for your dad. The first time that he said that said he would have what you were having you did not really thing anything or it, but when it came time to listing the dressings and vegetables that you wanted on your sandwich you noticed that your dad again said that he would just have the same.
    You did a quick double take as your dad explained that he would go get the water for the two of you, and just in time you told the sandwich making teenager that she could leave the pickles off your dad’s sandwich. This place only had dill pickles and that was the one kind of pickl

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    3 Most Common Types of Weight Loss Surgery

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    Is your current weight a problem? What steps have you taken to keep a happy and healthy weight? As you consider weight trimming, you’ll want to learn and understand about the variety of operations available.

    The type of stomach reduction surgery you choose is often determined by various factors such as your health, your target goal, doctor’s advice, lifestyle and your insurance coverage. However, before opting for a bariatric surgery, you should at least try other weight loss approaches like dieting and exercise and see if you’ll achieve your desired weight.

    While there are obvious advantages of having a weight loss surgery, surgeons only recommend it for people with specific obesity condit

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    Physical Therapy A Treatment Option for Individuals Suffering with Chronic Pain

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    There are a variety of issues that can be addressed with physical therapy. In addition to musculoskeletal and sports injuries, people that suffer with the chronic pain associated with arthritis may also receive benefit by working with a physical therapist.

    Recent data shows that many adults in the United States develop some type of musculoskeletal injury every year. For roughly half of these individuals, this injury may persist for more than 3 months. Rather than prolonging this situation, scheduling an evaluation with a physical therapist may make a difference.

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    Do You Have Your Summer Vacation Planned?

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    It is that time of year when even the pastor is on a weekend getaway.
    As the first weekend in July arrives, the church pews are a little empty. The lead pastor announces that he will be doing the service this morning himself because the assistant pastor is on vacation with his family.
    A dangerous announcement before the sermon, right? Simply knowing that someone else is on a weekend getaway can set your mind a wandering to all the places where you would like to travel to. Consider the possibilities of a weekend getaway to your favorite destination!

    • Walking along the beach at your favorite oceanside condo. A w

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