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    Laparotomy Surgery and When You Might Need it Done

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    Laparotomy is the medical term that is given to just about any surgery that is preformed on the abdomen. It requires using the full size incision instead of the newer, minimally invasive procedures. The bigger incision is used to allow the surgeon to effectively see the necessary organs, blood vessels and tissues that he needs. The minimally invasive approach is called a laparoscopy. Whether a surgeon uses the laparoscopic technique or the more open approach depends on what he or she thinks that they may find during the actual surgery. If it is an emergency surgery, a laparotomy might be preferred because it can give a larger view of the problem area and it’s a faster procedure than going in laparoscopically. Usually, during the laparotomy, samples are taken of the tissue. This is called a biopsy and it helps

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