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    Grandma Gets New Knees While Granddaughter’s ACL is Repaired

    Florida orthopaedic specialist

    I arrived at the hospital to pick up my mother from her second knee replacement procedure. I walked her to my waiting Elantra, opened the door, and ensured that she was comfortable. My legally blind father got in to the passenger side. As I prepared to pull out into traffic, my mom blurted out from the backseat that I was going the wrong way. I stopped. Such outbursts are not uncommon from my mother but I was fairly sure that I was going the right way. “Drive us to the parking garage,” she said.
    “Why?” I asked.
    She clutched my arm in what is knows as “the claw.”
    “Because my car is parked there and I intend to drive home,” she said.
    Even though I knew this was a bad idea, my mom’s firm grip meant that I had no other choice but to do exactly what she said. I realize that I had b

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