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    Orthopaedics Sports Medicine What Do They Do?

    Acl repair

    The words “sports medicine” tend to speak for themselves. This is a branch of study and practice within the larger medical field that deals specifically with physical fitness and athletic ability. Sports medicine and exercise doctors are well versed in routine and common sports injuries like sprained ankles, ACL repair, or knee or hip replacements.

    But what exactly do “orthopaedics sports medicine” doctors do that’s different from regular sports medicine? An orthopedic surgeon is someone who deals especially with issues of the musculoskeletal system — in other words, the parts of our body that let us move our

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    FAQs on Bariatric Surgery, Answered Gastric Bypass Revision Recovery Time and Others

    Lap band insurance

    Two out of every three adults are technically obese or overweight. Obesity is usually quantified as having a weight that is 10%-20% more than what’s considered “normal,” or having a body mass index of 25 to 30. Obesity can cause any number of health issues; sleep apnea, asthma, cardiovascular disease, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD, or acid reflux), and even depression are all common side effects of obesity.
    Anybody who has suffered from depression has heard the question “well, have you tried not being depressed?” or some variation thereof. A similar pseudo-solution often gets applied to obesity and being overweight. “If you just worked out a little more or ate a little better, you wouldn’t be overweight!” Just like with depression, that kind of mentality just shows a lack of knowled

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