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    Ibogaine Clinics The Truth About Confronting Your Addiction

    Ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction

    Addiction is a nasty thing — more than nasty, really. It can destroy a person’s life and those of the people close to them. It can come in many forms, from alcohol addiction to addiction to illegal drugs, and even addiction to prescription medications. But perhaps the worst thing about addiction is that it’s deeply misunderstood. Addicts are often treated like pariahs or failures. This is the last thing that society should do, and it certainly doesn’t help addicts in any way. In fact, addiction is a real disease. Oftentimes, addicts even inherit a propensity for addiction, making it difficult for them to avoid addiction problems in the first place. Whether it’s you or someone you love struggling with addiction — whether the addiction in question is opiate addiction or Read more ...