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    Six Principles That Guides a Naturopathic Doctor’s Care for Patients

    Massage in coral gables

    Most of us feel safe in the hands of a medical doctor. The truth is, the field of medicine involves a lot of guesswork, and some things that were commonly accepted forms of medical treatment yesterday have been proven to be very harmful today. George Washington actually succumbed to the medical practice of bleeding the toxins out of the body, leading him to bleed to death. In the late 19th century, doctors gave their patients heroin to sooth cough symptoms. Beginning in the 1940s, and continuing all the way until the 1960s, it was common medical practice to use electrocution and lobotomies for relieving mental stress, such as mild depression, anxiety, and even migraines.

    Due to the unnatural practices that the medical profession has a history of using, alternative healing methods have become p

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